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Bà Hai

Bà Hai is the traditional restaurant of the resort. It is a culinary journey and an immersion into the Vietnamese culture; an invitation to dive into the authentic, minimalist and sophisticated cuisine of Vietnam.

Overlooking the rice-fields of the property, Bà Hai is an impressive 12-meter high building, on stilts, very characteristic with its steep sloped (almost vertical) ceiling made of bamboo, rattan and wood.

Open every evening, Bà Hai offers four fixed menus (to share). Each of them features ten communal dishes and one dessert, that best reflect four main cuisines we identified in Vietnam: the gastronomy from the North, the gastronomy from the Center, the gastronomy from the South and vegetarian options.

Open for dinner only (6 pm – 10.30 pm). Currently closed. Available for private dinners & cooking classes (24h prior booking requested).