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The story

The story of Zannier Hotels Omaanda, the fourth realisation of Zannier Hotels that opened in the Summer of 2018, can be read like the newest sequel in an epic story of unbelievable journeys.

It is the story of an encounter between Arnaud Zannier, our founder, and Angelina Jolie, an internationally famous artist loved for her engagement as well as her talent.

When she came across Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang, she was blown away and recounted to its creator the existence of another place – more than 10,000 km away – lying in a glorious natural setting that should be preserved and cherished in the same way that had been done in the Cambodian resort.

That place was Zannier Hotels Omaanda, which lies in the midst of the Zannier Reserve, a 9,000 hectare nature reserve that now, thanks to collaborative efforts with the Naankusê Foundation we have partered with, plays a major role in animal conservancy.

At Zannier Hotels Omaanda, as elsewhere, Zannier Hotels is guided by the same philosophy: magnify the timeless quality of a location in discrete sophistication while maintaining the highest respect for the natural environment and local traditions.

Our Namibian adventure has however only just begun. Zannier Hotels Sonop, our second Namibian lodge, located south in the Namib desert, offers our guests the opportunity to discover another exceptional part of Namibia.

Perched on top of a group of boulders, in the middle of the desert, some ten luxury tents offer a stay that is at one with the surroundings, in the spirit of British explorers. Located one and a half hours by plane and a few hours by car from Zannier Hotels Omaanda, Zannier Hotels Sonop is a new haven of peace and rest, a contrast of surprising sophistication with the powerful surrounding environment.