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Numerous excursions and tours, included in the services offered at the lodge, make a change between adventure and rest. Programmes are designed according to the individual desires of the guests and their thirst for adventure. Each excursion offered at Omaanda is a totally unique, distinctive and magical experience, and is realised in partnership with N/a’an ku sê by local and experimented guides.

For all-inclusive bookings, non-private excursions are offered twice-daily giving the possibility of discovering the savannah at sunrise or sunset and observing the wild life and flora.

Discover our selection of unforgettable experiences.

Savannah Watch

Admire the beauty of a Namibian sunrise and sunset and spend a delicious moment around a light breakfast or plentiful aperitif.

Conservation Drive

Go on a group drive showcasing the life of our conservation reserve, and feel the pulse of the Namibian Savannah.

Private Savannah Watch

Experience the Namibian savannah in a private vehicle with the reserve manager and get the occasion to spot many animals.

Rhino Tracking

Spot white rhinos in their natural habitat and learn more about their characteristics and preservation.

Elephant Tracking

Follow the footsteps of this dignified animal and learn more about the African elephant.

Carnivore Tracking

Get close to incredible wild hunters and learn more about African felines.

Meerkat Manners

Witness the vitality of meerkat herds in their natural habitat.

Behind The Scenes

Follow passionate vets and get a private tour of the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, the Research Cente, the anti-poaching unit. Get also the priviledge of walking with cheetahs and baboons.