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At Zannier Hotels Omaanda, we created a space that is at one with nature, with the singular aim of promoting a holistic sense of wellbeing for our clients.

Our aim is for our guests to feel a sense of calm, serenity, and rest from their daily lives. We hope guests will disconnect with the outside world, so as to connect with their inner selves.

We have therefore created a place where rest, fresh food, connection to nature, pampering and activities are front of mind.

Our teams are present to ensure anything you desire can be accommodated, from particular nutritional requirements all the way to custom activities.

In turn, we have also created a spa that fits harmoniously with the rest of the resort. Its treatments, provided in a traditional hut, are inspired by local Namibian beliefs. Comprising two double treatment rooms, this space is dedicated to care of the body enabling perfect union of body, spirit and soul.

Our goal is to enhance the life and well-being of everyone who enters this space. We are pleased to offer you a collection of the finest, traditionally inspired spa treatments in Namibia.

The Spa treatments are all designed to purify and rejuvenate your body. They embrace age-old healing techniques, beauty recipes that replicate ancient Namibian beliefs, and cultural traditions with therapies designed to encompass mind, body and spirit. Experienced therapists, with well- honed skills in the modern-day interpretation of treatments that have been handed down through the centuries, create a natural, relaxing and heartfelt spa encounter.

Upon arrival at The Spa, you will be welcomed with a selection of refreshing herbal beverages and fruits, before commencing a personalized treatment that uses only the finest organic, indigenous ingredients and delivers outstanding and long-lasting results. In visiting The Spa our sole aim is to take care of your personal temple. It houses your mind, spirit and intelligence and we must nurture and care for it daily.

Opening hours 09:00 am > 09:00 pm
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