Arnaud Zannier


Over the last two decades, Arnaud Zannier has pioneered original concepts and innovations; bringing his own distinct expression of “authentic and elegant simplicity” to the lifestyle industries that he has touched.

From the beginning, Zannier Hotels has been an extension of Arnaud’s own passions and personal values. With a vision to bring a more understated luxury to hotel experiences, Arnaud introduced his style of “mastered simplicity” to the hotel industry, with the opening of Le Chalet in 2011.

Arnaud’s unique eye for craftsmanship and preservation of cultural heritage has brought an artisanal approach to the creation of his one-of-a-kind hotels around the world. Acting as author and curator, every detail is rigorously considered to create balance and harmony, allowing guests to experience the all-encompassing richness of a destination. Today, the collection has grown to include award-winning hotels, resorts and lodges, each characterised by the signature Zannier style: Phum Baitang in Cambodia, Omaanda and Sonop in Namibia, and most recently, Bãi San Hô in Vietnam.

Arnaud’s passion for the cultural role of gastronomy, philosophy of enhancing wellbeing through small but profound changes and love of off-road discovery, as a motorbike collector and adventurer, continually inspires the spirit and soul of the brand.

Prior to launching Zannier Hotels, Arnaud spent over 20 years in the fashion industry. He started his career in London, developing the ‘Kickers’ footwear brand and business. He was then driven to start his own label, n.d.c made by hand, in 2001, originating handcrafted collections that focused on simplicity and quality. After 17 years as Chief Executive, opening stores in Brussels and Paris and distributing to over 350 of the world’s leading boutiques, Arnaud sold the company in 2018.

What of the next 10 years? Arnaud and the Zannier team are currently working on original concepts for two hotels on the French Riviera, a destination restaurant and hotel in Menorca, residential villas to launch under Zannier Residences and a curated portfolio of the world’s most remarkable Private Estates for short-term and long-term rental. Launching Zannier Hotels in the US is also on the horizon.

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