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Zannier Hotels aims to offer longlasting memories, in discretion and elegance, while preserving the purity of the space

Sustainable Construction

Eco-conception, predominance of raw materials, use of local
techniques, collaboration & empowerment of local workforce,
limitation of plane travels…

Leaving a positive footprint

Zannier Hotels has a strong commitment to sustainable management, rooted in the philosophy of preserving the local surroundings in which we operate. Our primary objective is to minimize on-ground impacts while maximizing the wow effect for our guests.

Our approach revolves around eco-conception, with a specific focus on prioritizing the use of raw materials, searching energy efficiency and limiting plane travels. Additionally, we dedicate ourselves to ongoing research in of renewability into our daily operations. We implement alternative energy sources such as solar panels or installing double-flow mechanical ventilation. We actively engage in water conservation through on-site treatment systems and water bottling plants.


Guardians Of Culture, Craft & Heritage

From architecture and interior design to our supply chain, operations and guest experience, we aim to promote traditional values and ways of life, passed from one generation to the next. Our genuine and warm hospitality is built from a desire to share the beauty and traditions of the country, through experiences that are respectful and dignified.

This commitment involves promoting craftsmanship through thoughtful design and purchases, providing cultural immersion activities, showcasing indigenous traditions, and celebrating local cuisine with for instance Khmer or Vietnamese cooking classes. Our ethos extends to the conservancy and legacy preservation. For instance, we actively contribute to the preservation and restoration of a historic heritage on Ile de Bendor.


Empowering Communities

Zannier Hotels operates a diverse and inclusive company culture around the world. We strive to build a sustainable win-win relationship with local communities. Int his regards, we foster direct collaborations, favouring local techniques, fairtrade purchase, and empowering workforce. Some examples include in Cambodia, the creation of the Zannier Holybaby Foundation, offering support for two orphanages or in Vietnam, the delivery of free English classes to surrender fishermen villages.

Zannier Hotels are more than merely a place to stay. We see them as cultural and social hubs, where both staff and guests become participants in change. Combining passion and purpose, all our properties promote gender equality at all organizational levels – proudly exemplified by the fact that 60% of our General Managers are women.


Responsible by nature

Zannier Hotels advocates a return to life’s simple joys and appreciation for nature, committed to preserving native ecosystems. We prioritize strong waste management with sustainable practices such as acquiring antiques instead of new furniture, avoiding single-use plastics, implementing waste sorting, recycling and composting, using biodegradable detergents, promoting reusable bottle or using light detectors.

Our dedication extends to protecting flora and fauna through wildlife and nature reserves in Namibia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We grow on-site plants, focusing on endemic vegetation, and we cultivate organic produce in our resorts. Besides, we actively participate in the preservation and reintroduction of local endangered species.
Zannier Hotels collaborates with local farmers, fishermen, and NGOs, including the N/a’an ku sê Foundation, an internationally renowned charity dedicated to protecting endangered wildlife in Namibia. Our efforts have led to the creation of the Zannier Reserve by N/a’an ku sê, ongoing support for the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, a clinic for injured rhinos and elephants, and the establishment of an anti-poaching unit comprising 30 members.


A collection of uniquely eco-conscious properties

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Our two Asian resorts have already received the Green Globe certification. We are in the process to certify our other properties.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Zannier Hotels Sonop

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Windhoek East, Namibia

Zannier Hotels Omaanda

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Phu Yên Province, Vietnam

Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang

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Megève, France

Zannier Hotels Le Chalet

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