About us


Each Zannier Hotel is a unique story – portraying the spirit of every place we call home. Whether it’s the captivating beauty of the Namib desert, the mystical heritage of ancient Khmer architecture, or waking in a neo-gothic tower – it is the rare experience that matters.

Our founder, Arnaud Zannier is the author behind the brand’s “mastered simplicity”. It all started in 2011 when Arnaud fell in love with a spectacular chalet in Megève. His vision for Zannier Hotels Le Chalet was to create an authentic dialogue between the hotel’s design, the breathtaking landscape and local culture. Interiors are designed to reveal themselves over time, placing simplicity beyond the aesthetic. Curated as places where time becomes art, and one can become aware of the importance of living in the moment.

The resulting understated elegance, design drawn from local traditions, experience rooted in cultural discovery, authentic cuisine and complete focus on guest’s wellbeing, have become the signature hallmarks for Zannier Hotels around the world.

Over the last ten years, we have pioneered a new era of progressive luxury hospitality, made possible by the passion and the purpose of our unique team, who share the Zannier spirit.

Today, we embrace a collection of 5 hotels, resorts, lodges and private residences in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our journey and desire to share unforgettable moments continues with a further two hotels in Mexico and Menorca, opening by 2023.

For management opportunities, both existing hotels and new development opportunities, with or without a branded residential component will be considered.