The genuine beauty of stargazing

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Milky Way, shooting star and Southern Cross. In Zannier Hotels Omaanda and Sonop, guests can expect an impressive spectacle in the starry sky

Black as the night.

In Namibia this is not just a proverb but a fact - especially on the canopies of Zannier Hotels Omaanda and Sonop. Due to their carefully chosen location, both luxury lodges offer guests not only discreet luxury at the gates of the wilderness, but also the perfect starting points to experience Namibia's unique nature. When darkness falls, thanks to Namibia's particularly pure air, phenomenal natural spectacles await you here in the starry sky - with shooting stars guaranteed.

With a population of only 2.5 million people, Namibia is considered the least populated country in the world after Mongolia - and is almost three times the size of Germany in terms of area. Namibia's air is therefore considered to be particularly pure and not very light-polluted, and the sky is usually cloudless. For travelers, this means exceptionally good visibility conditions, a thing that is specially noticeable after the sunset, when the night falls. Amidst the spectacular landscape of Namibia, guests of the new hideaways are here in the best places for stargazing! Thanks to their secluded location and no artificial light, the sky above both lodges appears deep black, whereby one can see thousands of stars in the sky. The Milky Way shines here more clearly than at only a few places in the world, competing with other stars, which are said to cast shadows due to their brightness. Those who travel to Namibia in the Namibian winter (European summer) will get the most fascinating views, as the temperatures during the day can drop from 25 degrees in the evening to temperatures below the freezing point. These are the clearest nights of Namibia.

Completely without a telescope or binoculars, up to 6.000 celestial bodies can be observed with the naked eye during one night. Guests of the Zannier Hotels Omaanda are spoilt for choice: thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, travellers can experience the spectacle either from the luxurious refuge with an undisturbed view of nature, or from the "boma", an open fireplace where guests can gather together as the local tribes once did and watch the spectacle together in the sky. Those who wish to combine stargazing with wellness can watch the stars from the heated infinity pool, which guarantees an undisturbed view of the savannah.

Zannier Hotels Sonop also guarantees unique moments, because only from the Southern hemisphere can be spotted (with a little luck) the "Southern Cross", consisting of a total of four sparkling stars. Whether during a relaxing bath in the large bathtub or from the luxurious king-size bed. All ten oases, whose roofs are covered with canvas and thus create a special feel-good atmosphere, promise unique views of the endless Namib Desert thanks to the 360-degree panorama windows. Outdoor fans can enjoy an open-air cinema, a hot-air balloon ride or a late dinner in the dunes, of course always with spectacular views - star counting like in a picture book.


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